Vababai Vadadai!*

Taus Makhacheva 14 April 2015 – 30 May 2015
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narrative projects is pleased to present Vababai Vadadai!*, the first comprehensive solo exhibition by Taus Makhacheva in London. In her videos and performance works Makhacheva fuses artistic practice with the insightful research of a social anthropologist. Using the cultural context of her native Dagestan as source material, the artist addresses issues such as history, identity, and social relationships within communities. She carefully selects the most dazzling and intriguing elements of everyday life that surround her, and uses them to compose a cultural patchwork of contemporary society in the Caucasus.

Taus Makhacheva is currently in residency at Delfina Foundation in London.


* An interjection used in the Northern Caucasus to express amazement, stupefaction and, an ultimate excitement.