March 20, 2017 – March 28, 2017


James Brooks, Thomas van Reghem, Curated by Jean-Philippe Vernes

The works of James Brooks and Thomas van Reghem presented in this exhibition offer a dialogue exploring the similarities and the differences in their approach to re-creating languages. In their work both artists seek to construct a new type of language that all of us can relate to and understand.

I, as a collector, have taken on this curatorial exercise in order to share my longstanding quest for meaning, linking art and language expressed through different forms of artistic practice. I am intrigued by how artists are drawn to explore it and I am often looking for the poetry that can subsequently emerge.

Both artists invite us to read their narratives and visualise their converted universes. The term ‘conversion’ has a multitude of meanings here, although the title of the exhibition was initially inspired by the title of a major Renaissance painting ’Conversion of St Paul’ that was once in my family’s collection. It is not the religious aspect that I would like to focus on, rather it is Thomas and James’ journey in converting what they read into poetic material and how they visualise the transformative elements of these conversions.

Jean-Philippe Vernes