November 15, 2013 – December 21, 2013

Accumulation, Displacement, Deletion, Rearrangement and Insistence

Nástio Mosquito, Carlos Noronha Feio, Richard Parry

narrative projects is pleased to present exhibition curated by Daria Kirsanova that includes works by Nástio Mosquito, Carlos Noronha Feio, Richard Parry. The three artists work in a wide range of media that varies from painting, sculpture and video to sound works, performance, music and poetry writing and a subversive act as a medium of art production.

What brings them together in this exhibition is their critical outlook towards ‘a system’ as a large conceptual structure. Their relationship with ‘a system’ starts with critical challenge and an attempt to break it down to locate their own position within it. They use this resulting rubble of meanings to construct the artists’ own story, to build new historical and conceptual connections. With a degree of radical nihilism and self-irony they scrutinise issues such as the politics of representation, decolonisation and the true essence of post colonialism, as well as the role major cultural institutions play in the expansion of global capital.

*All images Photography Angus Leadley Brown