June 17, 2016 – July 30, 2016

Sława Harasymowicz: Radio On

Radio On is the second ‘chapter’ in a three-part multi-disciplinary project by artist Sława Harasymowicz. Conceived as a fluid interrogation, the series exposes the inherent tensions between images, words and historical records in invoking hidden, inconvenient or unwanted memory. Harasymowicz frequently harnesses archive, as a starting point for enquiry, a strategy and a cognitive tool to pose questions around the validity of recollection, the ambiguity of reconstruction, political representation and autobiography.

The project is guest curated by Dominik Czechowski.
In partnership with Centrala Gallery, Birmingham and the Poetry Library, Southbank Centre.

With special thanks to Freud Museum, London.

Additional thanks to: International Tracing Service ITS-Arolsen;

Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial; Pomorska Historical Museum Kraków.

Exhibition is supported by:

Arts Council England, Polish Cultural Institute, University of the Arts London