ARCOlisboa Lisbon: F*** Art! Lets Dance!, by Ben Austin

May 20, 2019

The African collaborative spirit can be best seen in the presentation by narrative projects by Carlos Noronha Feio (Lisbon 1981) and Délio Jasse (Luanda 1980) with both artists working with photography to explore personal/collective memory, of time and place within the context of post-colonial Angola. One piece is an African landscape contrasted with the silhouette of novelist Castro Soromenho (the great-uncle of Carlos Noronha Feio). There is a sculpture of glass containing Aerograms between colonial Angola and metropolitan Portugal together with printed collages of material from the books of Casto Soromenho and relevant colonial documents. The uneasy issues surrounding the history of Portugal’s colonial past is a theme examined and explored (so to speak) throughout the Africa Focus section of the fair.

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