Carlos Noronha Feio at The Small Collections Room, Nottingham Contemporary

March 8, 2014

Matter of Trust by Carlos Noronha Feio at Nottingham Contemporary’s The Small Collections Room, curated by Emma Moore, from 12 March to 15 June 2014. I looked in my wallet and all I could find was paper, plastic, metal, clay, tin, silk, leather, veneer, gold, silver, bronze, wool, salt, perspex, polyester, cotton, nickel, wood, propaganda, lost ideologies, nationalisms, localisms, globalisms, wishes, trust, rust… London based artist Carlos Noronha Feio has been building a collection of alternative currencies for several years and presents a selection of these in all four of our cabinets. Many pieces in the collection are not in fact legal tender, yet they function as a means of payment in their mutual acceptance by exchanging parties. A limited edition silk print has been produced to coincide with the exhibition and provides the opportunity for active involvement in Noronha Feio’s project.