Harm van den Dorpel’s left gallery: rite of acess at Stroom Den Haag

September 7, 2019

With contributions by: William Habib Kherbek, Margarethe Kollmer, Ryan Kuo, Dorine van Meel, Viktor Timofeev, Adriana Ramic, Harm van den Dorpel, Laurel Schwulst, Micah Schippa, Aarati Akkapedi, Simon Denny and others. rite of access is a project by left gallery on access to public art in the digital age. From 7 September - 20 October left gallery takes residence in a brick and mortar public art institution. left gallery is an online platform that produces and sells works of art as downloadable objects. These objects exist in limited editions, available for purchase. Once purchased, buyers receive a cryptographic ‘token' as proof of ownership.    

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