Rachel Lowe in Idle Hands: tricks in the art of doing, The Chopping Block, London

October 10, 2018

‘Idle Hands: tricks in the art of doing’, is the performative, the iterative, the worn, the studio, the artwork as the by-product of the act of ‘doing’. Through selected works by David Ersser, Rachel Lowe and John Tiney, curator Andrew Marsh has looked to celebrate a practise that embraces ‘tinkering’ as the arch substance for creativity and output. While visually disparate, all of the exhibited works throughout ‘Idle Hands: tricks in the art of doing’ have been created and developed - not through a preconceived conceptual plan or design - but rather as the result of making for the sake of exploration, or of keeping one’s hands busy. Exhibition is on view until 24 November 2018.

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