Taus Makhacheva in 15th Lyon Biennale 2019

September 18, 2019

narrative projects would like to congratulate Taus Makhacheva on her new commission for the 15th Lyon Biennale, 2019. Makhacheva's work for the Biennale evolves from the story of the hot air balloon Le Flesselles, which made its one and only flight in Lyon on January 19, 1784 as the whole city was watching. Constructed by over 150 people, the aircraft, in the words of the artist, embodies 'the meeting materialisation of Lyon’s social fabric at that time,' but also reflects 'the fears and fascinations aroused by new technology.' Inspired by the pedagogical methods of costume design at Lycée La Martinière Diderot in Lyon, 'a meticulous time-travelling of sorts,' Taus Makhacheva produced a metaphorical replica of this hot air balloon. Suspended in the air, the balloon looks like 'a patchwork of irregular shapes, recounting in sewing stitches a history of technology and fashion, of tools and bodies.'

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