An Afternoon of Listening and Discussion curated by Languid Hands at Raven Row, London


Languid Hands and the artists exhibiting in away, completely: denigrate present an afternoon of listening and discussion at Raven Row on Saturday 25 January 2020.

The afternoon will begin with a reading by Ebun Sodipo, whose video work although it may seem absurd, the earth also moves, and accompanying publication explores " affect, feeling, being that exceeds language". This will be followed by an intimate conversation between Ebun and Halima Haruna, whose video work To Divine focuses on divination, language and mourning for deaths outside the screen. They will be discussing the convergences and divergences in their relative practices, experiences of Yoruba-ness, loss of history, haunting, affect and finding yourself in theory. Linking to Space for Listening: The Likeness, his sound installation in the exhibition that investigates the culture of bootlegging and cover versions within Black musical traditions, Ashley Holmes' ongoing project Open Deck will take up the final two hours of the afternoon. Open Deck invites you to bring music (vinyl records or digital files on a USB) and contribute to a space of collective listening and sharing of stories, memories and perspectives. Open Deck is a series of gatherings that explore relationships to music, sound recordings and aural histories.

Event Schedule:
2pm A reading by Ebun Sodipo
2.15pm Halima Haruna & Ebun Sodipo in conversation facilitated by Imani Robinson
3 - 5pm Open Deck with Ashley Holmes

Image: Halima Haruna, To Divine, 2019 (video still)

Event supported using public funding by Arts Council England