April 15, 2016 – June 4, 2016

discursive foundations of sunsight

Carlos Noronha Feio

narrative projects is delighted to present a solo exhibition by Carlos Noronha Feio. Time speeds up or slows down. Beneath a Perspex umbrella-like structure sound is disorientating. Only prior knowledge tells me the source of this sound, national anthems obscured by an accelerated tempo. Carlos Noronha Feio’s exhibition at narrative projects – discursive foundations of sunsight – builds on his ongoing preoccupation with questions of nation, nationalism and identity. Preconceptions of belonging and not belonging – whether imagined through historical, geographical, social, cultural, political or ideological discourses and fields of inquiry – are deliberately undone. I encounter objects, images and sounds displaced from the points in space and time to which they are imagined to belong. Noronha Feio stages visual, sonic and associative worlds where time and space are malleable and porous as he journeys backwards and forwards, a kind of time-traveller, across space and time.

Extract of text by Yvette Greslé