Endless Celebration by Mahmoud Bakhshi

Temporary art intervention at the former site of the Lenin monument in Kiev, Ukraine. The installation Endless Celebration, which reflects on recent historical events in Ukraine, is a subjective ironical comment made by the artist on this particular historical moment that culminated in the radical action of removing the monument. It invites conversation about the symbolic role of a public sculpture by voicing in an exaggerated manner the opaque currents of post-Maidan society.

The installation is part of the Social Contract project curated by Kateryna Filyuk.

In collaboration with IZOLYATSIA, Kiev, Ukraine.

Landscapes in Three Languages, Exhibition Catalogue

Published by BON-GAH, Tehran on the occasion of Nikita Alexeev solo exhibition at narrative projects. The catalogue includes texts by Nikita Alexeev with comments by the exhibition curator Alistair Hicks.

Panel discussion: Close and Far

To coincide with the exhibition, Close and Far: Russian Photography Now, The Research Forum of the Courtauld Institute of Art and Calvert 22 hosted a panel discussion reflecting on key themes in the exhibition. Panellists include Kate Bush, curator of the exhibition, artists Max Sher and Carlos Noronha Feio and London-based curator Daria Kirsanova. Introduced by professor Sarah Wilson.

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On Art. Anatoly Lunacharsky

1st English edition was printed in February 2014 in conjunction with TalkCloud exhibition by Mahmoud Bakhshi. This selection of texts by Lunacharsky provides historical background for the ideas addressed in the show. Translated by Daria Kirsanova, published by BON-GAH, Tehran.

Articulating Dissensus

Global Futures Forum 2013

10 YEARS ON: Art and Everyday Life in Iraq and Iran